MGP 2019

February 29, 2020


Air pollution kills more people every year than smoking, with the World Health Organization estimating that seven million people die from air pollution every year. Electric vehicles are one of the best solutions to reduce urban air pollution.

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship actively promotes electric mobility and alternative energy solutions to contribute to reducing air pollution and fighting against climate change around the world, in partnership with UN Environment Programme's #BeatAirPollution campaign.

Alongside our partners and some of the leading companies in the world, we are pioneering the global adoption of clean mobility by enhancing technologies, working with cities to improve infrastructure and raising awareness on the benefits of electric vehicles. Our role is to create motorsport experiences that excite generations into electric mobility and to embrace clean energy.


At Formula E, we aspire to accelerate change towards an electric future, one race and one city at a time. Through the championship, we aim to raise awareness and inspire change in sustainable practises, contributing to reducing global carbon emissions and urban air pollution. As a business with a higher purpose, we’re committed to doing better and preventing the causes of climate change.

Using the spectacle of sport, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is sending a powerful and meaningful message to help alter perceptions and speed-up the switch to electric mobility. We also operate as a testbed to push the development of new technologies needed for an electric, low-carbon future. Working in close collaboration with our host cities to leave a lasting legacy wherever we race, Formula E is racing for a cleaner future, faster.

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