MGP 2019

January 12, 2019


The problem: air pollution
Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk of our time with 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathing unsafe air and making a significant contribution to climate change.

Our solution: the electric vehicle
By encouraging the development and adoption of electric vehicles, Formula E is fighting climate change by offering a solution to air pollution in cities.

A sustainable event:
1. Local Charity Partner:
Formula E has chosen Education for All as its Local Charity Partner for the race. Education for All is a Moroccan NGO that builds and runs girls’ boarding houses near secondary colleges in the High Atlas Mountains, providing the opportunity for selected girls from villages across the region to continue their education. They will have a booth in our E-Village under their sister organisation Marrakech Atlas Etape, a bike race that was created to support the mission of the charity so make sure you go and learn about what they do!

2. Water stations and pouches:
plastic is one of the biggest environmental disaster of our time hence Formula E has decided to offer you reusable water pouches to be refilled with filtered water in our free “hydration stations” that you will find in the E-Village. Enjoy, stay hydrated and reuse for the planet!

3. Waste recycling:
you will find various bins colours and streams onsite to dispose of your waste. Please make sure you use the right one to throw you waste as it’s our collective responsibility to recycle properly. If you have any question our Recycling Rangers team is here to help and guide in recycling more effectively so please don’t’ hesitate to ask!

4. UNEP:
United Nations Environment Programme is collaborating with Formula E globally and will be activating in the E-Village via a selfie wall to raise awareness on air pollution and a stand for kids to have a workshop on plastic pollution reduction. Please make sure you check them out!

5. Sustainable tourism Marrakesh map:
to help you make the most of the city without compromising a sustainable lifestyle we have this map to guide you with the best and sustainable addresses in the city in for site visits, restaurants, shopping etc. Please make sure you check it out! Download the map

Any question?: please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding our suitability actions at the 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix.